Welcome to the official website of the association for the beatification of Empress Zita!

Thanks to the concerted efforts of Dom Dupont, Abbot of Saint-Pierre de Solesmes (France) and Archduke Rudolf of Austria, eldest grandson of the Blessed Charles I of Austria and Empress Zita, the Association for the Beatification of Empress Zita was founded under French Law of 1901.

Ever since its inception in 2009 it has been governed by a Board of Directors whose members include, among others, Jean Sévillia, journalist and historian, and Elizabeth Montfort, former Member of the European Parliament.

Its objective is the following:

  • To introduce the life and spirituality, writings, influence and historic role of Zita of Bourbon-Parma, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary (1892 -1989);
  • To promote the values that enabled her to survive so many difficult tests in life, namely: fidelity and conjugal love, serenity and trust in the face of adversity, community service and devotion mainly helping people and children in distress, spirit of self-sacrifice, and respect for the dignity of others;
  • To improve the solidity and fecundity of couples and families in the modern world;
  • To offer all people of good will an example of a life spent entirely devoted to others and faithful to her vocation;
  • To spread the word about her actions from a personal, family and historical standpoint, and most notably by promoting the cause for beatification and canonization.